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Our students are what makes our community so special. Siam has enjoyed interviewing a few RT students to discover their views on being part of the Realistic Trader community.

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Shaun E

Decided to dip my little toes into bybit.....

Thanks to Siam's alerts and my own bybit strategy (1 trade at a time using 10x, defo not advising anyone to follow) placed my 1st trade on Sunday on APE.....

Fast forward 3 days and my initial 5k is now 15k.....

Robert Y

It’s been so cool to see all the success in this thread for everyone as well as the words of caution and advice in other threads.

I’ve been doing well with Siam’s trades the past month, however in a chat with a friend in the group I realized I’ve been trading futures as if I’m trading my actual balance, not the balance available with 5x. That explained why my profits were so low lol.

I love the philosophy and advice Siam has been posting lately, super helpful for me on my learning journey. So, I’d also taken to heart what Siam has said about not getting over confident. It felt like a good time to see what kind of trader I am, my tendencies, to pause and reflect. = I love to snatch profits too soon and tend to be risk adverse.

So today I increased my trade size which for me was a difficult thing to do being so risk adverse, again, that’s my personal hurdle.

Just made 120% on the LUNA short and 85% on the AVAX short on double the trade size I’d used in the past.
Made more on those two than I had in the entire month of previous winning trades.
-Not to worry, I’ll not get cocky or let the endorphins kick in, as I said I have the opposite problem 🙂

Also wanted to say thank you to Siam for having us sidestep our longs back in December. I was pretty much a hodler then and I’m SO grateful to have gotten out, even with a couple losses then so that I have dry powder with which to play.

Thanks to everyone in the group, Siam and the Avengers for the support and advice. Thank you Lewis and Matt for keeping things running smoothly.

Having a blast with the wins as well as the losses (learning experiences!).
Still lots to learn!

Presley S

Great experience so far since joining. Apart from Siams wealth of knowledge and experience you also have access to a Community of like minded investors also looking to learn and grow.

Guidance is promptly provided whether if its from the Man himself or the Group. There is always someone with much more or much less knowledge than you which gives comfort while taking this journey. Siams humble teachings are fully transparent so you always know when and why he is doing something. Enabling you to actually learn rather than just follow.

Lisa H

Wowser, well if you are interested in learning about trading - trust me , do the test pilot & you will get a taster of the RT community & Siam's knowledge & his ability to pass this on in an understandable way - he's a great teacher!

I am so grateful already to Siam and his team & indeed the RT community for always leaping to help me with my questions & query's however daft!

I am new to trading & knew that I wanted to have plenty of support around me & I wasn't looking for anyone to invest my money for me - I wanted to learn how to trade for myself with as minimal risk as i could & I was very interested but nervous to launch myself onto the blockchain.

Siam, I have known about since 2012/2013 & his reputation, track record, knowledge, experience & ability to impart his knowledge has led to some incredible learnings for me already, I am loving the learnings & indeed the financial gains.

I 100% recommend you give Siam & the Realistic Trader community a trial if you are serious about entering the blockchain arena, theres lots to learn, it was confusing on my own BUT being surrounded by the right community & with Siam's insights, its a pretty formidable power team to have on side. So far i am 20% up on my investments, including my training & membership fee of the community for my first year. To me, its a no brainer in these uncertain times

Adam S

I'll start with a confession; my trading journey actually started in 2003 (not with the Realistic Trader) when I paid about £1500 to go on a 'learning to trade' weekend in a very tall building in E14 - Canary Wharf as many will know it.

I was taught what the markets are, (which was self-explanatory) and then the mechanics of how to trade. It was very focused on day trading and also fitting in with my 8-6 job as well which didn't seem to make that much sense but I thought, okay - I'll trust in this process anyway. I was working as a driver for Enterprise rent a car at the time and 23 years old; it was simply a new skill I wanted to learn.

Following that weekend I proceeded to lose £6000 over the course of about 3 months which I would suggest from a financial perspective is a terrible ROI. I did, however, meet a very attractive girl who took a shine to me and we had some great times so I'll chalk that weekend up as resulting in costly good times but not to do with the original intent!!

Fast forward to Feb 2020 and I'd returned from a conference in Los Angeles and found myself with jetlag and for some reason, my spidey senses were more in tune than ever; likely because I'd been in the US and could see events unfolding; at some ungodly hour Youtube suggested a video to me by Siam on 'how I plan my life' which I'll take as a compliment but also found it quite ironic!

I watched several of his videos and thought okay, I'm a bit older now, have a way more finely tuned BS detector and thought, well he seems to have been around a while and overall schema is similar to myself (later I have discovered that he also attained the dizzy heights of 2xA levels, both grade D in mathematics and physics). So, I thought okay, let's see what the Realistic Trader is about. I followed the videos as the inevitable coronavirus played out in English and we were all unable to travel as much.

A lot of what he said made sense, particularly around critical thinking which for me is essential.

Later in the year, I decided to purchase the trading test drive for £99 (I think at the time of me writing this it is available at no cost) after watching the 3 x 20 minute videos on his homepage which are actually super important if you are considering joining the realistic trader or more to the point, to understand if trading is for you.

Refreshingly, these videos are brutally honest and will disqualify most people which I think is good as trading is absolutely not for everybody and it might be for somebody but they might not be in the right place in life to get started. This stuff matters and interestingly it was all the opposite of what I was told those years ago.

Now, things do change so both what I did in 2003 could be valid as well as Siam's videos, although it became quite obvious that I was 'had' during my 2003 experience.

So, the Realistic Trader test drive that I bought was exactly as described - it wasn't about making a lot of money, it wasn't about replacing my current income, nor was it 'arcade mode'; it was a LOT of content - I spent probably 5 hours a day/4 days a week watching the videos and making notes and I got through the course in about 3 weeks. It is a lot of content, and a lot of big picture stuff, becoming increasing granular as you move through the videos.

In essence, it's more than 'a trading test drive', it sets the stage for your trading journey and manages your expectations. The videos are easy to watch and the interface is clean and simple to use; standard e-learning but well thought out and in a structured logical order.

Upon completing the test drive I opened accounts and began trading the strategies I had learnt and quickly began acquiring data. None of it was difficult, however, the results were also not life-changing; the main point was that I was displaying consistency and that's crucial. I am quite sure that someone with zero knowledge of trading could get a win but they couldn't consistently do it. Of course, I don't get a 100% win rate, no one does but that doesn't matter as explained in the videos on expectancy and other key metrics.

I became a full-time member of the Realistic Trader shortly after and thoroughly enjoy it for the following main reasons:

- there are 2 weekly sessions, one with Siam and one with two very experienced traders, both sessions are live and interactive lasting about 2 hours each so that's over 20 hours a month of live help as required.

- the community is superb, no one knows everything, yet collectively we share insights and data which is very useful in assessing trading strategies, analysis and what to do to grow our accounts.

- the leaderboard is excellent, something I must get more involved with!

- access to information I otherwise wouldn't have, for example,I paid 6 months of my rent from learning about a different type of asset, then trading it.

- it's not BS, it's all intelligent stuff!

Alan G

I have to personally thank you for the community you are building and the life changing tools you are sharing.

Though I’ve taken more risk per trade than you would advise, and it goes without saying future returns can’t be expected, I have some success that I thought you should know about.

I just followed your plays for 37 days religiously and was able to scalp and scrape a 10k account into what just officially crossed over the 30k Total Realized P&L

You really are a breath of fresh air in this space, I’ll be your student for as long as you choose to teach

So much to learn, thank you for opportunity.

Travis M

I've been watching the videos for the past couple months, I've been hesitant to place my first trade. But knowing that I'd only do 0.1% MR really helped with the hesitancy.

I finally jumped in with my first trade, it had an awesome setup imo (confluence of resistance + a high test + kobo). I only earned 1.8R on this one, maybe I snatched profits too soon, but I'm feeling great about it.

Thank you Siam, and the avengers too!

Sean W

I am blown away by your content! I said in my post in “success stories”, joining has been the best decision I have made this year.

Unfortunately for the time zones (I am in Canada), I miss your live zooms, but I follow the replays religiously. I have progressed through a good amount of the course, and that has given me so much value. I can’t tell you how much money I have lost this year by blindly following crypto twitter/youtube and learning these skills has been so empowering. I am excited to work through more.

What I am currently getting the most value out of is your Bybit telegram trade posts, particularly when you highlight your reasons for entering a trade in detail. I don’t always follow your trades, but seeing your thought process is so helpful.

Thanks for the work that you are doing. I appreciate it so much.

Greg H

Siam’s TG voice message (on confidence vulnerability) really resonated with me. I’ve been doing well with the Bybit trading (about 2.5x up on the account in a month)… and I’m by no means an experienced trader, just following the learnings from the RT course / group / calls.

I’ve been resisting the urge to increase the account size / max. risk per trade thinking I’d have made even more profit (which is only confirmed in hindsight). Instead I’ve continuously been taking out profit to be on the safe side, as I’d hate to see it get liquidated, so there’s only the original capital in the account that I’m ‘happy’ to lose.

I’m only using a small amount of the pot for trading, but profits are enough to take the family to Disneyland. So that’s what we’re going to do – it’s booked for the end of this month!

Numbers on the screen are great, but you gotta enjoy it too…

Danny P

Legit, is TA methodology with a particular angle. It is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time, energy, effort and training. It is not a signals group is it a learning to survive and hopefully make money on your own terms in the trading world. IMO 10,000hrs is required to be really good at a skill, trading is one of these. Those who work the hardest to learn, succeed, those who wait for others to tell them what to do, tend not to do so well. This is the trick and the trap of any trading group.


I discovered the trial on Facebook and my initial response was suspicion, just because Facebook has no standards and is full of scams. So I researched Siam a little and found a long statement he'd written in response to being called a scammer, at the end of which, I decided that I liked the cut of his gib.

Having been a bit of a technophobe for much of my life, I was quite surprised to find myself really getting into it. When by the end of the course my crypto gains were up enough to pay for full membership twice over, it was decided that I would definitely be coming back, once I'd dealt with the summer months, which is a very busy time for my other business. During this time my missus, having changed her tune, also took on the two month trial. I think a big part of the attraction is that it's all very socially relevant. I've learnt a lot more than just how to trade and I've been looking forward to getting back into it. So here I am.

Benjamin P

For a complete beginner, Siam and the realistic trader have been an excellent and trustworthy way to enter the world of money, trading and crypto. The emphasis is on education before you throw your money into the markets.

Sukhdeep S

I've have to say this is not what I expected. I was thinking someone would be telling me do this, subscribe to my group and ill make you filthy rich. That's not what I got, what I got was the honest truth about trading and what is truly need to be successful at trading. It was eye opening and Siam is very knowledgably and honest and he's taught me allot, not just about trading but also about running a business. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about trading and is willing to put the time and effort.

Shin C

I would recommend this course to everyone, as Siam say’s this is a life lesson, I only wish I had learnt this stuff many years ago. I am hoping to gain all this knowledge and to start earning a second income which could even become the only thing I need to do and drop the 9-5 job I currently have. Thanks Siam, This has been great!!

Rowan N

This has honestly been a fantastic and educational experience. Have been a member for several years now and only wish I had more time for it. Cant recommend highly enough.

Michael E

I have been looking for some time now at various trading courses and I have been also scammed in the past!! But when I saw Siams offer of his course for free for 2 months with no mention of any up front bank details of any kind I immediately took up the offer. I was not disappointed as the information not only covered trading but also knowledge regarding business and finance for building your wealth which will help feed my Golden Goose and not kill it lol.

So not only do I think the course is really well structured but also it is easy to follow and it is in simple laymen's terms which is presented in a relaxed manner.

The bottom line is what you see is what you get with Siam and he really does seem transparent in what he says and does almost to the point of his own detriment with some peoples comments which makes me wonder what type of people they are!!! Oh on a last happy note love your cat Coco and your dog Pips 🙂

Alex T

I had never expected to have been so interested in world economics as I have been through watching Siams videos and it's great to have some behind the scenes knowledge to go with the trading training which was my initial interest. There is a huge amount of content just in the test drive training and I'm keen to join his community and continue with the rest. First I need to re watch quite a few of the videos as It's quite a lot to take in. Siam is a very likeable guy and I like the way he does his videos and explains things. I find him and the content very trustworthy which in a domain of many unscrupulous people is a rare thing.

Thanks Siam Here's hoping for more of the same.

Simon B

Having completed 50% of the course, I have been super impressed. The course covers so much and I feel so much better informed. Other courses only cover trading strategies but for me it’s important to understand why things happen, why the markets behave as they do etc and the course gives me all of that. In an industry that is often maligned, Siam and his team come across as extremely ethical, trustworthy and wanting to facilitate their knowledge for the better good. Keep up the good work!

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