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Get in Touch on:
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The Realistic Trader
Helping People Reach Financial Independence, Through Realistic Financial Education
The Realistic Trader
Helping People Reach Financial Independence, Through Realistic Financial Education
Learn How To Realistically Improve Your Lifestyle By Safely Trading
The Currency Markets in less than 5 Mins Per Day (after a YEAR of training).
Learn How To Realistically Improve Your Lifestyle By Safely Trading The Currency Markets in less than 5 Mins Per Day (after a YEAR of training).
What is The Realistic Trader?
We are a community of hundreds of positive like-minded individuals who Learn, Trade, Grow and Socialise. 

We believe that Trading is just one of many pillars you need to build for your Financial Parthenon. Our founder (Siam) made his wealth through Trading and Business so naturally, Trading and Setting up A New Business is what we help people embark on.
  • Go from zero knowledge to successfully trading the currency markets.
  • Grow your trading account by an average of 10-20% per year.
  • Detect and recognise typical trading myths and lies - there is no ‘Holy Grail’ trading system, only good methods with sound Risk Management in place.
  • Learn how to detect potential market crashes and actually profit from them thereby protecting your family's savings.
You’ll be taught how to effectively identify and take advantage of the low risk high probability outcome trades that Siam is obsessed with and understand how and why they work.

We meet up every month, share and help with trading questions and make lasting friendships.  You only need your laptop, the free software we set you up with and you'll begin to see your mindset and life transform over time.
What is The Realistic Trader?
The Realistic Trader is a place where you can discover how to improve your lifestyle by safely trading the FX market in less than 5 minutes per day.

It’s a place where you can…
  • Go from zero knowledge to successfully trading the currency markets.
  • Grow your trading account by an average of 10-20% per year.
  • Detect and recognise typical trading myths and lies - there is no ‘Holy Grail’ trading system, only good methods with sound Risk Management in place.
  • Learn how to detect potential market crashes and actually profit from them thereby protecting your family's savings.
You’ll be taught how to effectively identify and take advantage of the low risk high probability outcome trades that Siam is obsessed with and understand how and why they work.

We meet up every month, share and help with trading questions and make lasting friendships. You only need your laptop, the free software we set you up with and you'll begin to see your mindset and life transform over time.
Who Is Siam Kidd?
He’s a full time Investor/Trader, owns 7 profitable businesses and learned how to trade simply through hard trial and error. He says, "I was probably the worst trader on the planet for the first 6 years, losing money constantly, before things became consistent. People don't need to go through the same crap I did..."
How Siam Got Into Trading
Siam joined the RAF after school and not long after completing his Officers’ Training he began trading & investing. He didn’t have the most successful of starts. Being completely self taught and impatient he quickly lost a fair amount of money and savings. This continued for some time as he continually struggled to balance his pilot training and trading. Eventually trading became quite profitable for him.

Trading Started to Pay Off
In his mid 20s Siam began to excel at trading and investing and it wasn’t long before he was making some sizeable profits and also a number of successful key economic forecasts despite contrary mainstream opinion.

His lifestyle started to feel the rewards of successful trading when he was finally able to buy the Aston Martin he promised himself when he was 23. (Although he says he was lucky on the markets that year). At the age of 29 he then got his 2nd Aston. He’s also now one of the only Trading Trainers in the UK who puts all of his trades up online in real time for all to see. From Feb 2015-Jan 2016 he ran a 'mini trading fund' where he grew a £1.4m account to over £2.2m making 60.33% in those 11 months which included the infamous Black Monday on the 24th Aug 2015.
How Siam Got Into Teaching
He openly admits that he never wanted to teach currency and commodity trading as ‘FOREX trainers’ tend to all be tarnished with the same brush. However due to strong demand, The Realistic Trader was formed. Founded on the principal that these trading workshops be completely transparent with no up sells, rich with content and putting the students in front of profits, he quickly set himself apart from others.

Realistic Trader Courses
Realistic Trader courses have been attended by people from all walks of life and the feedback is glowing. Siam champions high integrity and he values his reputation more than anything. His trading courses are designed to teach you everything you need to get trading and they come backed by a 200% money back guarantee. If you don't make at least 10% in your first year of a live trading account by sticking to his rules, you''ll get 200% back. With over 1000 students now we’ve had just 1 refund which is unheard of in this industry!
World Leading
Since 2013 Siam has been forecasting a vast Stock Market Crash in 2016 which would dwarf 2008. He even made a DVD titled ‘How To Profit From The Crash Of 2016′. In one speech in early 2015 he said that around October 2015 there would be the first ‘tremor’ of this coming correction…he was off by a month and a bit. That correction came in the form of Black Monday 24th August 2015 where the world Stock Markets plummeted as well as most Hedge Funds. However Siam made his investors 30% that day (£422k within a 30 minute period).
The 12 Month Trading Programme
The 12 Month Trading Programme
Immerse yourself in our comprehensive 12 month Trading Course designed to take people with ZERO knowledge to consistently making 10-20% per year…
Immerse yourself in our comprehensive 12 month Trading Course designed to take people with ZERO knowledge to consistently making 10-20% per year…
In a nutshell, this is what you'll experience...
  • Access to our private membership site, packed with videos, documents and everything you need along your new trading journey with us
  • An Online Video Course, filmed in Siam’s kitchen by a professional film crew, to fall back on after your workshop and guide you throughout your year.
  • 2 Day INTENSIVE Trading Workshop where you’ll get face to face tuition from Siam and the opportunity to ask him any burning questions you may have and take part in a trading battle!
  • A monthly Coffee Club & Dinner on the last Wednesday/Thursday/Friday of every month in Cambridge/London/Norwich where you can ask questions, eat, drink, be merry and make friends.
  • A yearly Realistic Trader National Event where hundreds of students convene for a day of awesomeness with extra content/strategies and super guest speakers.
  • 12 months of Gold Membership, our ongoing support and updates after you graduate.
By getting onboard and committing for the long term, you’re going to be very well positioned to successfully and consistently trade for yourself in the near future.
For a FULL itinerary of what to expect, please CLICK HERE
Upcoming Dates in 2017...
Sun 12th - Mon 13th Feb
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10 Spaces Available
10 Spaces Available
10 Spaces Available
Immerse yourself in our comprehensive 12 month Trading Course designed to take people with ZERO knowledge to consistently making 10-20% per year…
You have TWO options to choose from:
12 payments of £347
(Totals £4164)
1 Investment Of £3899
(Saves You £265)
As I’ve said before, Trading is not for everyone. To be successful you MUST be:
Committed to achieving your goals - You need to be the main driver of your own success and keen to learn. We’ll give you all the materials and strategies you need, but you need to be disciplined in sticking to them. Our trading rules are there for good reason.

Open Minded – We pride ourselves on having a community of open-minded, friendly and sociable members. There is no room for small mindedness in our community or gamblers trying to make a quick buck. So be prepared to come to the monthly meet ups, make new friends and take things slowly.
Don’t Apply If:
You’re not ready to be a salmon – You will soon discover that in investing and trading, often the correct thing to do is often the most uncomfortable thing to do. You'll also find that the majority of people have completely the wrong view on money and finance so be prepared to think differently from the mainstream media and your peers. 

You aren’t ready to take responsibility for your situation - If you're not going to follow our trading rules, we don't want you in our community. They're there for a good reason and they prevent you from blowing up your account. It's extremely hard to blow your account if you implement what you learn with us. But if you start searching for the 'Holy Grail' of trading strategies or shooting from the hip or trying to make lots of money in Year 1, you will lose money. Also do not do this course if you are not financially comfortable and DON'T borrow money or get in debt to learn how to trade, your mindset just won't be in the right place. You need to view Year 1 as an incubation and learning Year. The key is to develop the skill in this first year and then start making modest returns from Year 1 onwards.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Gold Membership/Do You Actually Give Out £1000 Per Month to the Trader of the Month?
How Long does the Online Course Take? / Is the Online Course Live or Interactive? / How Much Is it? / What Software Do You Use?
Will I Receive a Form of Certification at the End of the Course? / Do I Need Any Experience at all Prior to Attending the Course?
Is My Money Protected by the FSCS? / Which Currencies do you Teach? / I'm Not Very Clever and Rubbish at Maths Though...
Will I Be Able to Start Trading Straight Away? / How Much Money Do I Need to Start?
I Don't Think I Have Time to Trade... / How is the Way You Trade Completely Tax Free?
Isn't Trading Just Gambling and Really Risky?
Isn't Trading Unregulated?
We take immense pleasure in the fact that we’ve never had to refund any of our workshops. We know our students love what we do because they tell us…
Gary Martin
Book Keeper
Terry Gormley
Director, Unlocking the Will to Act
Lucinda Dawes
“I had a preconceived notion that trading has to be difficult, risky and complex. Siam has blown that notion out of the water and I’d recommend the course for anyone who is serious about their own financial destiny.”
John Lamerton
Director, Big Media Ltd
“I was unsure if I had done the right thing, but it’s one of the best life skills I have learnt. Would recommend to anyone from any walk of life”
Michael Thomas
Network Rail
“This Trading workshop is worth every penny! I’ve learned a life skill that will make me far far in excess of what I paid!”
Simon Lippett
“Siam, I have not thanked you personally since our course last week. I feel that it would be worth people just going on your course even if they did not want to learn how to trade. As the majority of people do not have any idea of what is going on and could get very burnt.”
James Browne 
Property Investor
“Highly recommended! I came knowing nothing and I’m leaving with some really useful knowledge and practical tools I can start using immediately.”
Adam Butler
Easy Online Recruitment
“Really enjoyed the course and it is very informative. Siam is an excellent teacher. I have done the course and I am keen to progress!”
David Aczel
“I was initially warry of the course wondering if I had been drawn in. However found the course very intersting and informative. I feel the course has given me such a better understanding of risk/trading/investing. I am hoping this will change my life! I would highly recommend this course to anyone..”
Toby Balls
Sizewell Nuclear Plant 
Project Manager
“Would definitely recommend the course. Siam is an inspirational teacher, highly motivated and attentive. The course is interesting, exciting and leaves you feeling positive about how you can realistically make changes to your financial future…”
Georgie Rodwell
Director, Norfolk Cordial
“Whole content of the 2 day course completely exceeds expectation and not only view the financial systems differently, I now have the knowledge to exploit risk free opportunities.”
Dan Ledgerwood
“Sharpened and improved financial knowledge. Opened up a world of studying charts, a skill I did not previously possess!”
Darren Wainwright
Law Finance Manager
“If you’re serious about learning a life skill that will give you financial security, I’d highly reccomend Siam’s realistic trader course. I came to it with no prior knowledge of trading and was really impressed with how accessible Siam made it. It’s been a week since the course, and so far I’m up on all my trades. My goal is 2% a month, which is easily achievable with the strategies I’ve been given. I feel I’ve now got the foundation to create a new, tax free, stream of revenue – thank you Siam!”
Marcus Hemsley
Director, Fountain Partnership
“I found his ideas and knowledge refreshing plus very interesting so thought it was just silly NOT to go on the course! “
Ralph Collier
Mergers & Acquisitions
“Was not sure about it to begin with having seen many “get rich quick schemes” but this is NOT one of them! Superb.”
John Graham
Director, Raeburn Motors
“I spent 6 months looking for a course to suit my needs. That it would be presented in a way I could undterstand. The course delivered excactly what I wanted in terms of knowledge and skill as well as confidence. Siam is an honest and open teacher. I’ve no hesitation in recommending this!“
Virgil Bhaloo
“Learnt new helpful info. I didn’t think I would ever know about stocks but realise now it is achievable.”
Michelle Killingback
“I came knowing nothing and have enjoyed learning new skills and knowledge. I look forward to testing my trial account.”
Julia Harvey
“Having avoided any trading courses in the past due to a perception that entry into this new skill for life would be far too complex to master. I was astounded at how straight forward and understandable Siam has explained everything. You must go on this course.”
Tim Jenkins
Seiko Watches
“Trading now suddenly seems possible, realistic and not guesswork anymore. Awesome, thanks!”
Simon West
Director, Nett Sales
“I have wanted to master FOREX for a long time. Previously I paid for a course and learnt Day Trading strategies. Not only was I not succeeding, the task of sitting in front of a screen all day was too tedious. After Siam’s course I can now place safe trades in less time. Siam’s teaching style is easy to follow and I’m excited to now place some trades.”
Su Augusta
Luxx London Leather
“Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! The first investment course I have been on which I actually believed. Siam did not make any outrageous claims about profits and was very realistic and honest/conservative about what we could expect to make.”
Matt Emmerson Musician/Producer
“I am so pleased that I decided to do Siam’s course. It gave me huge clarity and confidence and I believe that I can trade successfully. I loved the practical hands on elements and realistic objectives. Cannot recommend highly enough!”
Philippa Levinson
“A fantastic way to understand the trading market. Siam keeps it clear, simple and concise. He teaches and you then practise. Your confidence takes a huge leap forward!”
Andreas Kalavanas
Owner, Moxhull Hall
“Naturally everyone is skeptical about trading and the financial world. Siam has a great way of explaining things in simple terms. The information on the financial world is eye opening and truly the most honest and realistic interpretation that you won’t see in the news. He has changed my views on trading and has made it an essential avenue to pursue in my financial plans”
Arthur Faulkner
“Without a doubt, Siam is the leader in this industry with detailed, clear and relevant content that is 100% ready for implementation. I will be recommending all of my family and business colleagues to take this course! This should be taught at school!”
Richard Dwyer
Director of Flair Gymnastics
“Really enjoyed the recent course, thought it was very well constructed and the content naturally flowed from one subject to the other. I have been on numerous courses for work over the last 15 years or so and only a third were as informative and as full of quality content as yours. It really was excellent. I listened to Rich Dad, Poor Dad again today whilst travelling to and from Birmingham and it made even more sense the second time around in light of the course.”
Stuart Brown
“Prior to the seminar I did not believe trading was for me however Siam took their time to support and guide me and I have completed the Workshop course – something I would not have normally done. I am so glad I did – I highly recommend the course and I am looking forward to trading”
Liz Thurston
“The way Siam Delivers the course, anyone can understand trading. Overall content excellent! Thank you.”
Ray & Marie Bobbin
“Siam opened up a whole new world for me that I never even knew existed. I am cautiously optimistic but motivated and looking forward to putting everything into practice in my dummy account.”
Madele De Lange
“Great content. Really liked the learning day followed by the practical day”
John Arko
Family Tracing Specialist
“Being absolutely nervous before even starting as I had no iead about finance, in fact being 100% in the below average financial IQ section, during the course my whole perspective has changed and seeing the bigger picture now. And now not even fearing the word finance and feeling confident that with in a year I can start my DIY pention scheme.”
Chanelle Thomas
“I would recommend doing this course if interested in trading. The course was in depth and very interesting, explaining all aspects of trading. The weekend was very enjoyable and was well worth the money!”
Andy Kirby
Chippysmate Kitchen Suppliers
“Very inspirational person with so much useful and insightful information. Lovely environment for the course and great to engage with like minded intersting people. Very informative yet still so much more to learn! It’s just the beginning!“
Alex Collier
Skin Care
“Great and a must have life skill. Everyone should do it!”
Ricardo Santos
Digital Architect
“If you are someone who is looking to get rich quick, then this course is NOT for you, but if you want to master the skills of trading and consistently make 2-5% per month then this course is definitely for you. I have thoroughly enjoyed Siam’s training style. He is extremely knowledgeable at trading and teaches you to be a realistic trader! If you are serious about trading, then Siam Kidd, the Realistic Trader, is your man.”
Tosin Ogunnusi
Think Training Consultancy
“This is the second time on the course. I persevered because I didn’t want to be beaten and trading the markets has been a long-term goal. It has now “sunk in”, so glad that the time and money invested will now reap the rewards I wish for”
Helen Allinson
Red Triangle Energy
“I now feel fully informed of how to trade FOREX. Amazing programme. Thanks Siam!”
Maria Collins
“A thoroughly informative 2 day experience that has confirmed what I thought I knew and filled massive gaps of things I didn’t know. If you have any interest in trading, do it!”
Nic Bennett & James Hay Wealth Management Advisor
“Siam’s knowledge is just astounding. He puts the information across in such an easy to understand language and never makes you feel stupid or intimidated. You feel very comfortable asking -dumb’ questions and nothing is a problem or too much effort for Siam. Top class bloke and event.”
John Triplis 
Lasting Impressions Painting and Decorating
“The price may seem off putting at first but when you do both days you will come out realising you have learnt some valuable insight into the financial system, how it operates and more importantly that trading isn’t necessarily as complicated as you think. And now I have gained a valuable skill which is highly transferable in all areas of life and can help earn money on the side.”
Kiwi Campbell
Digital Marketing Consultant for Charities
“Siam’s course is brilliant! Anyone wanting to empower themselves in uncertain financial times and find out how to take control of their financial future should definitely do this course!”
Alex Ward
Marketing Director
“Siam doesn’t just tell you what to do, he take time to explain the financial system so that you understand why you are doing it. I have learned so muchmore than how to place a trade. I can’t believe I’ve been so ignorant of such an important facet of life for so long.”
Willie Cruickshank
Director of NHS Health Innovation & Education
“Siam is full of knowledge, a great guy and teacher. The way the course was presented was very professional. It’s great value for money, there is no upsell and I have learned lots of new skills and I can’t wait to get trading. Siam is also full of knowledge. Great fun!”
Alex Randisi 
Property Investor
“Very enjoyable and I certainly learned a lot! Siam answered any questions very well. Surroundings were beautiful and very comfortable. A*!”
Luke Davey
Senior Engineer, Britvic
“Good pace, coherent and understandable structure. The course has taught me in 2 days a subject I would never have understood on my own.”
Financial Planner
“A really good course which is incredibly informative. Siam presents the course very well and makes everyone flle comfortable and at ease. I would higly recommend anyone with an intrest in wealth and trading to invest with Siam and Realistic Trader. Very happy indeed.”
Sean Alexander
The Illusionist
“I am astounded at how much I have learned and how easy it was to pick up. I can’t wait to get home and practise with my Dummy Account.”
Steve Cazor
Engineer, Robinsons
“I had no knowledge of the financial world and felt that it was a gap in my knowledge; Siam filled that and more. I would never have considered trading as I thought it too risky and that I didn’t understand that world. Siam explains everything you need to know and gives you a safe system. Well recommended.”
Sara Greenfield
Director, The Best Of Norwich
“Started from the bottom up. Simple and easy to understand and took the muddle and confusion out of FOREX trading. Was a great course. Siam teaches you the basics plus a bit more so you can go away and practice on you own. He enables you to make your own money and provides you with an essential life skill. I would recommend anyone to do this course, even just for the education on finances!”
Sarah Heaton
“As a business entrepreneur I am always looking for new business opportunities or product to fill the need of a market but with the realistic trader course I am actually turning my own knowledge into a profitable asset. Time after time being able to profit from however and whatever happens in any market at any time. Siam has clearly been through his own experiences in trading and it brings a great quality to information I was being taught. Keep up the good work Siam!”
Tom Durrell
Director, Red Triangle Energy
“Before attending the course I was completely clueless to trading, I now feel comfortable in using the FXCM software and giving trading a go on the practice account myself – before using my money! Siam is a very good teacher, methodical and doesn’t rush making sure everyone understands.”
Tom McMillan
Professional Trials Biker
“After a solid two days on the Realistic Trader course I’ve moved from a basic novice to being confident that I understand FOREX enough to enter the markets and start placing trades. I’ve learned a life skill in 2 days that 99.99% of people do not know of and I can’t wait to put it to work!”
Rob Taylor
TLC Consulting
Recovery & Insolvency Solicitor/Consultant
“Thanks very much for the knowledge imparted during the course. I feel I really learnt a lot and am looking forward to practising and then real trading. I am sure I shall be signing up for Gold membership later this month.”
Stuart Jeffery
Agricultural Trader
“Awesome course. Easy to understand, relaxed environment, practical and fun. Magic! Came on the course with zero knowledge and now I feel confident to explore and create a low risk income source. Thank you.”
Sean Goodman
“This course is amazing, I knew nothing about trading and I am now ready to start practising. By following Siam’s rules you cannot go wrong.”
Shelley Hoban
“This is a course that lives up to its name. It’s realistic. Trading is not a get rich quick scheme, Siam shows how by using tried and tested methods, income can be grown over a period of months/years. Very honest and good fun. A really interesting course.”
Jonathan Tyrrell
“Second time round, consolidation of learning and new bonus content was brilliant. Now feeling more confident to live trade.”
Richard Dwyer
Director of Flair Gymnastics
“I’ve done many qualifications and courses through my job, but none touch the amount I’ve learnt through Siam, both in terms of FOREX trading skills and general financial life. Thank you Siam. I’m determined to make this a turning point in my financial life!”
Adam Kobylecki
IT Engineer, Aviva
“Siam teaches the dark art of trading from a position of integrity. The hands on opportunity means that it all feels doable!”
Henry Szurek
“Before I came to this course I knew a few things about who really ‘ran the world’ but never to the extent I know now. Siam is a fantastic guy and easy to learn from and now I have a way of securing my future at the governments expense! Thanks Siam.”
Matthew Woodley
“I was never interested in FOREX because I’ve been in property for 10 years but when I saw Siam and his approach, I was interested. The course was full of content and no upsells. Core methods to use and realistic targets. I’m now confident in my new ability. Thanks Siam.”
Lawrence Nisbett
Property Investor & Mortgage Advisor
“I met Ross at a business networking meeting and was really impressed but what he had to say. Then I met Siam and again found that he said a lot of the things I had been thinking for a long time. I had no trading experience but I am an accountant by trade so I thought I had a good understanding of finances. The course blew my mind! A simple structured plan to trade in FX risk management and investment strategy. Loved it all. Also the other people on the course were really friendly and I think we all had a great time. Thanks to Siam and the Team.”
Simon Hunt
Freelance Financial Controller
“Being able to learn and follow successful traders has so far been encouraging, fun and most of all, improved my knowledge of the markets/trading immensley even though I’ve traded since 2011.”
Alex Hristov
HSBC Private Client Banker
“I had no idea about trading before the course, but now feel like I have a good understanding of how to trade and it has given me confidence that I can benefit financially from trading.”
Joe Lambert
Golf Professional
“I have never undertaken a course where by the intention is to hopefully increase ones money, for fear that they’re all scams. However after researching Siam and going to the free seminar I felt confident in my judgement that Siam is a genuine guy with good morals. Now after completing the course I still feel this is the case, and the knowledge I have gained along with confidence in my ability to follow his rules and the lambo has convinced me to dedicate 6-12 months to this to hopefully new life skill. Thank you Siam.”
Rachel Robertson
“As a qualified accountant, I figured that I would ‘just know’ most of it as it’s ‘all numbers’. I was happy to be wrong! Siam’s informal yet professional approach was fantastic and enabled me to work at my own speed without feeling intimidated by the ‘faster students’. I would 100% recommend The Realistic Trader for your trading and investing training.“
Sophie Lockhart
“I entered this weekend knowing nothing about trading and after just 2 days I feel confident about my financial future. Siam explained what were very complex ideas in ways we could all understand, excellent facilitator.”
Richard Evans
Deputy Head School Teacher
“Top stuff Siam! Cheers.”
Gary Martin
Back To Black Book-keeping
“I’ve never traded before and didn’t really know what to expect, but the course is absolutely amazing. Every single person needs to do this course, even if you don’t want to trade. This course teaches you so much about how the world actually works, how to invest and trade properly and more. I’ll never look at the world in the same way again. Cheers Siam.”
Brad Rose
“I come from a financial background (accountant and having worked in an investment bank). However I found the course insightful and provided me with a basis for getting going straight away (albeit with a dummy trading account). Siam’s style is engaging, interesting and informative. Thanks and looking forward to using a new life skill!”
Ben Fells
Chartered Accountant
“Until you truely learn about investment and how it really works, don’t entertain the idea of it. This course gives you the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the investment and trading world with both feet solidly secured on the ground. Thanks Siam!”
James Allinson
“Siam was truly a great teacher. Worth every penny. I feel I could start trading tomorrow but I will not of course. I feel Siam will be there to mentor me when I have practised more.”
Pat Davey
M&E Train Industries/Abellio
“A couple of days that will really change your financial life and your sense of financial reality. Attending the course will provide you with a life skill to develop and nurture. The Realistic Trader is the only course you will need.”
Stewart Delglyn 
Director, Eighty 8 Consulting 
“Excellent. Huge knowledge base presented in a simple fashion. I would highly recommend the course and Siam to my peers.”
Rich Williams
Righteous Aviation
“When I went along to the Realistic Trader course I literally knew nothing. I didn’t really know what I was going to be learning about. By the end I had a good understanding of how it all works. I felt confident looking at the charts and I was ready to go and get started on my own.”
Lucinda Dawes 
Party Dexx
“Great course, hands on practical experience of the strategies used. Would highly recommend!”
Ram Jeyarajah
“Siam is great at explaining FOREX trading to beginners. He explains the markets, strategies and chart pattern extremely well and is open and honest about his experience to help you avoid the same mistakes!”
Aaron Kara
Creative Designer
Genesys Training
“This course took me from no trading experience at all to a good level of knowledge and a clear plan for developing my trading skills long term. The information was well presented and easy to understand and taught in a relaxed environment. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning to trade in order to develop another source of income.”
John Sykes-Popham
Royal Marine
“Great content and a great introduction to trading. Would highly recommend.”
James Wilson
Assista Consultancy
“Really brilliant content, educational and life changing. Well done Siam!”
Guy Green
Director, Print Guy
“Transformational insight into the entire financial system. Best thing I have done in my life till today. Trading demistified, really basic to me now. Thanks a million Siam.”
Evans Doe
Army Engineer
“Learn a new life skill you don’t need any experience or knowledge.”
Nick Ayers
Nuclear Plant Engineer
“I have always considered city traders to be sharks and charlatans until I met Siam. His openness and honesty are immediately obvious so if felt I could trust him to tell it like it is. It is clear that his intent is to inform not to profiteer.
Mike Jennings
Jennings of Garsington
“Looking forward to applying the theoretical and practical aspects over the following months…”
Martin Barnes – AVIVA
“Siam’s knowledge and expertise is unquestionable. The ethics and personal responsibility for starting out is covered in great detail meaning that you are left with no doubt on how to trade safely and profitably”
Adam Hamadache
Wow Guest Hotel Marketing
“I’ve been looking to get some proper training on FOREX for a while. Most of the courses around seem to offer the earth, cost a fortune and don’t exude Trust. I met Siam through an unrelated business and was struck by his honesty and integrity around his experiences of trading. I’m an ex Detective Sergeant and have a really good bullshit detector. I jumped at the chance to learn from him and did his two day course.It delivers in spades. He’s very savvy around the subject, has loads of experience to pass on and keeps the training realistic without making stupid promises.If you want FOREX training done properly and realistically, Siam’s course is the only place to go bar none.”
Ashley Brown
Kidderminster Builder
“Siam is very knowledgable and gave me so much to think about. I can’t wait to see the results! Thanks for everything.“
Richard Sanderson
Director, LFA Machines Ltd
“This guy really knows his stuff. He explains in a simple, down to earth manner, not only what to do, but also why, and what might happen if you don’t. Great guy taught me his business at my level. Highly recommended.“
Julie Birch
“Before attending The Realistic Trader course I had very little knowledge about FOREX trading or chart analysis. Afterwards I was a well of information. I have learnt how to technically analyse FOREX charts, how to interpret FOREX indicators, how to spot trends, and how to find entry and exit points within the market. The high standard of Siam’s presentational skills and ability to demonstrate his knowledge in an engaging manner further complemented a course that’s format was enough to impress on its own. I would not hesitate to recommend Siam’s courses to anyone interested in gaining knowledge in FOREX trading!”
Chris King
College Student
“Lots of common sense with a focus on safe trading.”
Richard Heaton
FX Trader
Flying theory instructor
“I am delighted to have completed my first ‘Realistic Trader’ course. The course was run at a pace that suited all of the delegates and Siam was excellent at explaining all sections along the way ensuring no one got left behind. I can 100% recommend this!”
Andree Byron 
The Zap Experience
“Did not have any clue about trading before doing this course. I’ve learned a lot about the financial world!”
Raj Jethva
“Siam really knows his stuff, but moreover, he has tons of integrity. I would highly recommend him to anybody wanting to learn about trading & investing.”
Lynn Jackson
The Mojo Coach
“Really good methodical course. Open to all!”
Martine Watker
“Came into the course with no background knowledge but with a masterplan to earn some cash. Siam catered for all levels of experience/expertise and never left a question unanswered. Of particular impact was how not to trade as Siam allows everybody to learn from his mistakes (saving us years of pain)! Left the course confident in starting a 3 month practice account that will result in good profits.”
Ben Whittaker
RAF Royal Squadron’ Pilot
“Well presented, clear to understand, easy to follow. Siam was happy to answer questions and I would recommend this course!”
Surinder Lurie
“Thank you for all the education of the last 2 days. I was expecting to spend the whole 2 days learning about trading but instead I learned all about life and what you don’t hear in the news, which when invested properly you can use to make money. This is useful when starting to trade. Also this puts everything into perspective. Thanks Siam”
Jake Weatherill
Director, Florentina Catering
“Not only did I have a very informative time, it was very enjoyable. I hope Siam sticks to his goal of educating the new young on how finance REALLY works. Many thanks Siam”
Roland Johns
“Fantastic balance of content and trading strategies to get a new trader started. Proactively answered all of my pre-course perceptions (e.g. What gives me the opportunity to do well in a field full of professionals?) Feeling ready and motivated to start!”
Tony Tilstone
Head of Risk Analysis 
Sellafield Nuclear Plant
“The Realistic Trader is a fantastic 2 day course that will hold and grip you and immerse you in an ocean of mind blowing information. You will learn valuable skills that can change your life, be positive and make the jump. You won’t regret it!”
Mark Farmer-Wright
Anglian Windows
“Before I came on the course my perception of trading and trading courses was paying money for something you could learn from a book or find on the internet. I can honestly say that what I’ve learn’t and skills gained have been an excellent ROI!”
Sam Huetson
Director, Bearing Boys Ltd
“We really enjoyed the course and are looking forward to getting started. Thank you”
Scott & Jaime Baxter
“I would certainly recommend Siam and his course to Friends and Family etc. This is the real deal and I’m excited to get going and making a better future for myself and my family.”
Chris Ashmore
Norfolk Home Buyers
“Came to the course with an open mind and down to Siam’s personality and knowledge seeds have been planted which I feel I can grow to benefit my future. Thanks Siam.”
Tim Crane
“A fantastic course, educational, practical nd motivational. Siam’s desire to improve peoples lives by teaching this skill gives it a great grounding/base.”
Sara Sherriff
Fine Art Broker
“P.S. I’m two weeks into my practice account and I’m 1% up. Not bad for a complete newbie after training!”
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Ashley Brown
Kidderminster Builder
“This guy really knows his stuff. He explains in a simple, down to earth manner, not only what to do, but also why, and what might happen if you don’t. Great guy taught me his business at my level. Highly recommended.“
Des Birch
“This course teaches you a step by step method of taking onwership of your savings and growing them. Very liberating. Definitely worth it!“
Lorena Knapic
“What I liked about the course was the jargon free way Siam presents. It made it easy to understand and absorb.”
Ian Smith
“I have thought for a long time that trading was a convincing way to invest my savings, but I have never felt confident about it. Now I know I will make money with it. I also know I need time and dedication, consistency and discipline. Thanks Siam!“
Paolo Braiuca
“Superb course. Recommend highly!!!“
Gavin Jones
“Siam delivers a clear and concise course. Plenty of sound advice which will save any beginner time, money and mispent energy of overcomplicating their trading. I feel confident to begin trading now”
Muiris McFadden
Civil Engineer
“I had no knowledge of trading at all and strongly doubted whether I’d be able to do it. Siam’s teaching was very clear. He made it easy for everyone and I managed to learn a skill that was completely alien to me before. It wasn’t even something that I was that interested in learning before but I thoroughly enjoyed it and discovered an interest in trading I never knew was there!”
Ellen Kemp
“I had no idea how to trade before the course but now feel with practice I will be able to place trades with the confidence and security I need.”
Tanis Higwell-Bowman
Field Sales Manager
“Siam’s course is a MUST for anyone. He is so knowledgeable about the FOREX market and every other market that even if you have no confidence, Siam will give you the belief and knowledge to succeed. He is a great teacher and understands that no question is a silly question. I would highly recommend this course!”
Kate Duffield
Pink Lizard Promotions
“I’d never seriously consider trading as a serious -thing to do’ but Siam’s explanation of the mechanics of the world’s economics and his simple to follow system made it a reality within a couple of days!”
Joelle Fordham
“Trading can be a minefield. No different to most things in life. However you are taught the simple disciplines and given correct guidance, you quickly realise that trading is not that difficult. Just like writing or driving. Perfect course and well delivered!”
Justin Fordham
Independent Financial Advisor/Mortgage Specialist
“Excellent course, mix of financial information and the trading training was spot on. I would recommend the course to anyone looking for an additional investment stream”
Michael Barrett
Nexus Rugged Memory Specialists
“A new skill learnt in a weekend but will stay with me as a life skill!”
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